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Designer & Styling ········· Jiashan Liu
Photographer ········· Ziqi Xu
Mua & Hair ······· Liana Qin

Models ······Thomas Mclntyre, Austin Vogt, Jiashan Liu, Rao Host, Ken Lomont, Shantee Lauryn, Jess Won
Published ······ Pap Magazine, September 5th 2021

Sex, Gender, Identity®

In today's society, the topic of sex is no longer obscured. From genders to gender freedom, humans' cognition of self is not only all about existing and multiplication, but also to understand who they are as an individual, their own needs, and ways to express it.

Throught this shoot I wanted to express and explore the topic of sex in a more intimate manner to celebrate the beauty of each human being's complexed individualality on personalities, genders, style, purpose, preference…

From the choice of location, a comfortable homey hotel that is private yet open to public, to the garments and accessories we pulled from designers, that are soft yet edgy; the movements between models, that’s full of live, drama, and chemistry. All the elements adds up to help create an almost experimental lab for the models to interact with each other freely without much direction on posing which helps us to unravel each person's identity and stories, and for me to capture each of these moments.