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LiuJiaShan is a borderless fashion brand,
We do not categorize  ourselves under a certain gender, persona, or specialization…

We focus on the more important things. People and their stories.
That is where our main source of inspiration comes from, and then we do a take on the tale and tell it our way through the medium of fabrics.
Each and every piece ever created since day one from the more casual denim jeans, jackets to tailored blazers, lingerie, extravagant gowns have all got an unique story behind, and constructed with care and love which gave them an indescribable charms that have them uncomparable.

*any inquiries please contact us directly through instagram following instructions below.

1. show us the pieces you fell in love with.
not by simply requesting a mystery piece customized for you
(with some vague clues provided such as its a color, fabric, mood, location whatever)

2. We will then do our research on you, get to know your story a bit + that abstract hint of clue you have provided

3. We draw a story, design the most flattering piece for you and no one else.

4. It’s gonna hit you like unwrapping time on a Xstmas morning full of surprises, the best kind you bet~