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Model ········· Jiashan Liu
Photographer········· Edison
Published ······ 2021
Location ······· Flushing, Queens, New York

Collection 1, Restyled.

Idea of how simply by playing with combinations of “old” pieces can give them a brand new life and chracter.

Pictures shot in backyard of a Korean restaurant called JinGangShan in NY.

Pieces used in these restyled looks are originally from Collection 1, which were made inspired by 1920's Chinese architectures that are both traditional yet fusion with western influence due to a cultural clash at the time.

The process of making was about roots, balancing my identities, and showing my appreciation for both of the American and Chinese cultures I have grew up in, which made me who I am today...

The designs itself are as symbol and message to us as a big community that we can only move forward by learning, cooperating, reflecting, and embracing each other’s differences, cultures, and strengths.